Hey, I'm Drahoslav Zan and I'm an independent software engineer.

I have been developing software for over a decade. C++ was the very first language that I decided to learn. And I used it almost exclusively for a couple of years, along with some scripting languages. Since then I have worked with various other tools and technologies... and I am still learning something new.

I enjoy making things and I tend to care much more about problem-solving than about the underlying technology. Nowadays I do mostly full-stack web development with React, Node, and Go... or whatever appropriate.

Other than making apps, I also enjoy listening to audiobooks. I listen mostly to non-fiction books related to entrepreneurship, however, some of the very best literature I have ever read is fiction.

The main purpose of this site is to challenge me, and to develop my writing skills... so one day I can switch from book reading, to book writing 😀.

I finally got into bloging.

My recent projects

Here are some of the projects that I recently made.

This Site

This site is custom-made using Gatsby.

Webstore Insight

I made Webstore Inisght after trying to do some market research on Chrome Web Store extensions. I found the basic search functionality of the Web Store incapable... so I roll out my own.


PopSaurus is the Chrome extension for Thesaurus. It is sourcing data from 2 online dictionaries, and includes a word used in a sentence functionality, as well as pronunciation.

Best Quotes: Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

The sole purpose behind the Best Quotes mobile app was to try the Flutter framework. The app is ginormous because I included a whole database of about 1 million quotes into the app itself... so not even me want to install it.

The source code of some of my projects is available on GitHub.

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